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Sun Sextile Lilith Synastry

Sun conjunct North Node synastry
Sun-Lilith aspect is one of the most notable and talked about aspects of astrology. Sun and Lilith symbolize fire and water, masculine and feminine. They are also in conflicting signs, Gemini and Leo. Sun Lilith is considered a constructive aspect in relationships.

Sun-Lilith Sextile is about the Sun’s projections towards Earth, which are guaranteed enjoyable and friendly. The Sun in Sextile aspect understands, supports, and promotes those with whom it is compatible. Everyone needs a friend that supports them unconditionally.

With Crow Astrology , one of the most important ingredients for life and happiness is your sexuality. Sun-Lilith aspects help kick-start the love recipes of life and happiness, allowing self-expression and personal growth in your relationship with yourself, others, and nature.

Lilith aspects can have strong implications for a couple’s sex life. Because she is told that she must obey her husband, one way to look at Lilith aspects is that one or both partners are “dragged off” emotionally by a dominant partner to have sex.

After being stuck with the controlling and dominating partner for what can feel like an eternity, she will likely seek any number of outlets to express herself. Either she will move to one of the other partners or she will internalize her frustration by being moody and withdrawn in bed.

While some partners may relish a dominant type in the bedroom, other will find being dominated a challenge to their creativity, or they may simply feel bound to another thereby losing their value as an individual.
Sometimes, the Sun sextile Lilith synastry can lead to an obsessive sexual dynamic. The individual is willing and committed to do what it takes to satisfy their partner.

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